Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Consistency, That's What I'm Going For!

I've not blogged in awhile, nor have I really felt like it. We had the wedding, the honeymoon, and then we returned home - and while my home life is great, work life, not so much. We're right squat in the middle of layoffs and while I don't ever have a problem terminating employment for a deserving party, when the employees are essentially undeserving, well, it's a different story.

Don't worry... I know it started off as such but this blog will discuss nothing of the economy - no more about layoffs - no more about work, really. We're going to discuss my feeling fat.

While on our honeymoon, with much ease I seem to have gained 10 pounds. You know, it usually takes people weeks to gain this amount of weight, but not I. I did it in 6 days. Should I write the Guinness Book of World Records for this blessed event?

I think it started with eating in our hotel room - after the reception - where I swear, I ate nothing. I ordered a fish dish. I ate fish on our honeymoon, hell, how is it I partake in sushi and John has something fat and greasy and I gain the weight that theoretically should have landed on him, not me!

When we arrived in Hawaii I attributed my swelling fingers to the difference in climate and even called my god-mother to confirm. I didn't eat anymore than usual - and I'm sure that caramel macchiato I had everyday had no effect - after all, it was non-fat milk. Now that I'm home, it's just not improving.

I called my mom for some comforting and she said, "well, you were probably starving yourself up until the wedding so when you started eating normal again...." blah, blah, blah, I didn't starve myself until the wedding so that school of thought isn't working. I mentioned my weight gain to my husband and instead of his usual response of, "No your not" he said, "I've gained weight, too" so this should tell me it is noticeable!

And happy fat? Well whoever coined that term wasn't any bigger than a toothpick because there is nothing happy about fat. Not to mention the fat is upsetting all of my clothes :-)

Back to the gym in the a.m. where I can hopefully head off this explosion before it fully happens!

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  1. Whenever I start feeling fat, I either substitute cereal or Lean Cuisines for my regular meals. I've been feeling that way myself lately, with all the holiday parties, so I'm trying to offset it on the non-party days but eating less.