Friday, January 8, 2010

Week in Review

Happy Friday everyone! This week we will count as a success ~ I have managed to finish the sleeves on the Oatmeal Pullover and wear it once... My photographer was absent so I will try to throw it on again this weekend for some modeled shots... One more sweater lacking sleeves! Yay! My bmom made me the 'Tess' sweater... I blocked it and will likely wear it today or tomorrow. Once blocked it grew a little, but I moved the buttons over for a more asymmetrical fit and all was well with the world!

I'm happy to report that I've cooked THREE times this week! Yes, three. Whole. Times. That means, we did not eat out one meal - for dinner, that is. I am uber excited about going to WW tomorrow to weigh in! I definitely feel a bit more svelte this week (and I cheated and stepped on the scale), but it has kept me motivated, right?

I've spent time with two great friends this week and am going to lunch and knit with a third! One friend is my complete inspiration for the new bag design that will be in the shop this week... The prototype is photographed below.

Tonight we're having friends over - and I have my pork in the crock pot cooking away for carnitas! YUM! Tomorrow is kind of a free day except John has to work - he has to work a Saturday each quarter... So I'm thinking we may need to dine out tomorrow. And Sunday (I think we'll go to mass) and then we're heading out to visit our friends, the Thummels... They have a fairly new baby boy and a precious toddler girl running around - so we're going to take a meal over there and feast with friends and enjoy the kiddos...

I hope you have had a great week - have a more enjoyable weekend - and enjoy the bag pics below! If you're interested in a bag prior to their being placed in the shop simply leave me a message and we can work up a custom order for you!

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