Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday - Again!

I hope that I am not creating a pattern of only blogging on Friday's - I guess if I do, though, that will still be more consistent than what I've been in the past...

This week has been busy and productive. I finally feel like I am getting the shop restocked after the busy holiday and I'm finishing off some pending orders... I also feel like we've accomplished something on the house front this week; not sure if I mentioned it, but it seemed that as of December we were kind of on a stand still with the house. No additional furniture had been purchased - no additional boxes unpacked. Stand. Still. My front living area happens to be a cluster of no longer used dining room chairs, etc. Well... this week I ordered two chairs and an ottoman for the front room to match our new couch that will hopefully be headed our way soon! Once all the furniture is in I plan to start my hunt for the perfect coffee tables, pillows (go Pier One!), and art work. I came across this wreatch today at made of felt and colorful thread and feel like I must make it with coordinating furniture colors! I've already printed off the template and will head to JoAnn's this weekend for some natural colored felt. I usually do not attempt to make such things to be on display in the house, but this seems pretty and doable - and will not be the focal point, so why not? I think I will also make a few coordinating fabric buckets to set under the end tables to keep WIP's available but somewhat hidden from visitors...

So I guess that's all for us right now in the land of Broken Arrow! I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend as well!!!

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