Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm headed to Guthrie, Oh yes, I am!

Today is an exciting day... Some time last year my friend, Stef, and I enrolled in the annual Knit Out event held by SWAK in Guthrie. A few months later my other dear friend, Annie, decided to join in on the fun... Three girls, one hotel suite, lots of yarn - weekend with Jared - chocolate, wine, and cookies! Oh, how divine! If you know a knitter, you know that packing projects for travel seems to be more torturous than packing clothes. And - to add to the confusion - we have to bring supplies for our classes! My task was to pack 3 skeins of worsted weight wool. I know, I know, you think this must be easy since I am the owner of so many skeins... well, not so much. I buy most yarn in sweater quantities and I just hate breaking up a bunch! Plus, do I really want to use the good stuff for a mere dress rehearsal? I broke down and I chose 3.

An update to my last post...

1) Baby Dress for Rita - COMPLETE! I just need to sew up some matching bloomers and get this in the mail to her...
2) Emmaline
3) Creature Comforts Cardigan - COMPLETE! Going in the mail next week...
4) Ribbed Baby Jacket for Loops - COMPLETE! Well, I do need to sew on a button, but there is no more knitting required!
5) Whisper Cardigan
6) Cable T - RIPPED! I decided I no longer like this garment and have decided to salvage the yarn for the Moch Cardi by Gudrun Johnston.
7) Socks for John - MAKING PROGRESS! I knit a few inches on the sock at the baseball game last weekend! I love stitch 'n pitch!
8) Lacy Pullover
9) Springtime Bandit
10) Pinwheel Baby Blanket
11) 28Thirty Cardigan
12) Classic Elite Dolman Tunic

I have an exciting prosepct on the job front - I hope to have happy news to share in the next few weeks... I think I should download some HR / Healthcare related literature to my kindle and get caught up on what has been going on in the HR world. I also need to submit to have my PHR certification renewed - it expires in June and Lord knows I don't want to take that test again!

See you guys next week with some FO pics and more updates! Have a great weekend!

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