Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another FO - Sewing & Knitting

I really don't know what the deal is lately, but I am actually able to start and finish knitting projects... It's amazing, truly. Last year when I was feeling a bit more adventurous I started on the Provence Marl Empire Waist Cardigan from Classic Elite. This was adventurous by my own standards because typically if the pattern does not start with the words "top down", I'm out. I'm a lazy knitter. I know. Sleeves are my enemy. I know that, too. I was really making great progress on this until I reached the skirt portion. And then that's where the project died. 300 stitches - stockinette - can life suck any more? I retired the sweater to a bag in the bag of my closet. I pulled it out last week determined to finish, and here she is!

I am truly thrilled with the results - now if only I can get the yarn to stop shedding. This stuff is getting everywhere - but I'll keep wearing it! The vacuum will be my friend once I take it off...

On the RoseKnits front - I'm seriously addicted to sewing the zippered bag buddies lately. I think it is because they are the perfect compliment to my new knitting bucket find. The Reisenthel Loops Shopper... This is one of those times where I am glad that my husband is a little less than observant. The zippered bag buddies separate my projects perfectly for tossing in the shopper... I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for our field trip to SWAK Knit Out on April 30 --- more on that later... I leave you with the bag buddies - pick one up today. They're perfect, for - well... Everything!

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