Monday, April 12, 2010

Knitting FO Ahead!

Watch out people! I guess the enthusiasm that I felt for the baby socks really helped fire up the 'ole knitting mojo. Who says that knitting is reserved for the winter months? I finished my Tea Leaves sweater with a few minor adjustments... Given the time of year and my hatred for knitting sleeves, I opted to make Tea Leaves a short sleeved pullover instead of a long sleeved cardigan.

I was so excited to wear a hand knit - and a little disgusted with myself due to my inability complete projects - I pulled out a Classic Elite - empire waist cardi that I started last year... Yes, I did say last year as in 2009... Maybe even early 2009 if I dare think about it. There are close to 300 stitches on the skirt of this cardi - so it takes me FOREVER to knit a row... I'm finishing off the collar and hope to finish off the skirt this week, too! Keep your fingers crossed. If all goes well, I could have another adult FO by the weekend!

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