Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day on a Budget

I think I have mentioned before that John is an accountant – and accountants tend to see things in black and white – and are typically budget conscious. I think he is most of those things sin budget conscious when it comes to golf. He tries to act budget conscious and hum haw around and then I make him feel better about whatever the overpriced purchase is and we all go about our day (I am fairly certain that this is an act that he has perfected since the beginning of our courtship).

Originally we were going to make dinner reservations and go out for Valentine’s Day, but in an effort to be creative and spend what discretionary income we do have on things much more fun than food (i.e. yarn **which reminds me… today The Backwards Loop is having a sale and I scored some Lorna’s Lace for $10 / skein & to top it off I received the Spring Interweave Knits magazine in the mail yesterday!!!** and a new wedge club for him), we are going to cook at home! As of this moment, we have yet to plan our menu; I am sure tomorrow will be spent scurrying about the grocery stores searching for bargains and something that looks appetizing!

The challenge: Valentine’s Day Dinner at home on $50. Some of you may be laughing at me and my classifying this as a ‘challenge’ but the drinks, dinner, and dessert all have to fit into the $50 budget… Do you think we can do it?? I will keep you posted on what we come up with!

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