Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family Ties and Trees

For some people, when doing a family / relation activity and they draw their family tree, if the family is seemingly "normal" (whatever this means) then they have a fairly normal tree. I've not seen many family drawings that look this way, although I bet my husband could draw one up in a jiffy! It may be large family drawing - but it would still resemble a tree. They have not been heavily exposed to things such as divorce and / or remarriage, etc.

If I were to make my family drawing, I believe it would resemble a bush. It would be cluttered with a lot of people, some related, some not, but everyone of importance would have a space on my family bush. Oh, and unlike my husbands family, my family has been heavily exposed to divorces, remarriages, etc. I like to describe them as hopeless romantics, never really giving up on love... Not even the third time around :-) I hope to give my children, a more tree like structure.

I am working on something here at work today, and the family drawings that exist within this plant do not resemble trees or bushes even, but their drawing goes straight up and down :-) Take that for what it is worth... If you think you have got it bad, there is always someone out there who has it worse...

Have a happy day people! And I am going to try to post photos tomorrow - even if they are only of my disgraceful inability to change the wreath on our front door - which would make one assume that it is still Fall and Thanksgiving :-)

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  1. I guess both my and Jim's trees look like a tree, like your husband's. It doesn't mean people were happy though just because they stayed together!! It's funny how I have become so interested in this stuff even though we have no plans to add any more branches to the tree ourselves!