Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hope and Inspiration

Hope and inspiration are two things that people need right now. They can take you a long way when there is not much to look forward to. Given the dire state of our economy, which you cannot help but focus on because every time you turn on the tv, look at the stock market, or receive a 401k statement in the mail you cannot help but be filled with overwhelming trepidation of what is next.

Taryn, a young lady who I went to high school with and coincidentally was reconnected with thanks to Ravelry, is onto something. She seems to find a way to make horrific moments funny and sad moments inspirational! If you ever need a laugh, definitely check out her blog A Peine for Your Thoughts. Her most recent post... Unless you love your job, she will make you want to be on the receiving end of a pink slip!

Here was my little bit of hope last night... The circus is always fun, right? This is my little bit of self-promotion for the day...




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