Monday, January 5, 2009

Well Laid Plans

When I think of my life in relation to what I always thought it would or should or could be, I always think I'm behind the curve. The curve is relative though, right? In college I had a well mapped out plan. Graduate at 21 (check), Married at 22 (uncheck), Finished producing offspring at 26 (uncheck). And that was the loftiness and full extent of my goals and plans. I can't believe I'm writing this because as I do I now realize that I did not have a clue.

I am 8 weeks away from my 27th birthday - and if I compare to my previous expectation, I have failed in every sense. Well, I did graduate college :-) After completing my bachelors degree - and my engagement to my college boyfriend went kapoot (thank goodness) I needed a new map. After all, when the marriage portion and everything thereafter --- which wasn't much --- failed, I needed a back up plan. Instead of getting married I got a masters and a job. In place of the babies that I most certainly was not having, I got a dog. And instead of working on my 2nd child, which was difficult because none of the preceeding existed, I bought a house. And instead of turning off my human incubator at age 26, I am able to comfortably entertain the idea of really turning it on. I am only one month into my marriage - instead of 6 years OR divorced for 3 (the latter would have definitely been an idea entertained).

It is funny how plans, as we all know, can turn out so incredibly different and so much better than we ever intended. I think all of my so called failures can today be merited as successes.

So, in 2009, I resolve to live a day at a time and do what is in front of me. Oh, and to do it well :-)

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  1. Good for you! It sounds like you're in a great place in your life. I always say no one should get married before 25 - I did it at 22 the first time and it didn't work out too well for me. Congrats!