Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everything Isn't Always What it Seems... I Guess.

I think I am going to take a few minutes to vent - then maybe we will have a "What I am Thankful Session" at the end. The two seem to compliment each other and I always try to end on a high note when possible.

I work in the 'field' - i.e. not at the corporate office. I work at the place that actually produces the product. I really do not know or remember what my expectation was when I went to college - "I'm going to work in human resources..." What exactly did that mean? Since I work at the field and my company seems to work steadily on centralizing as much as possible, the field turns you into a glorified paper pusher. When someone needs help I simply say, "please hold while I contact corporate," or "Aw, Mr. Doe, you would like to change your address, please complete this form and I will send to corporate..." Pension calculation - no problem, let me send that to corporate so that they may send to 3rd party.

It seems like every step of my job is elongated by 1 - person that is, at corporate, but of course! The longer I stay here the more my job becomes to talk to corporate. I think I will start to hand out corporates phone number and simply remove myself from the process, thus eliminating my own job. Doesn't seem to be helpful to myself, but maybe I can at least get a laugh out of the situation - because right now, my face is covered in a scowl.

Onto happier things... I've not knit up much lately. I think I've spent more time ripping than knitting. What the heck, it's good practice, right? I hope that you all have been making beautiful, colorful, crafty items!

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  1. It's funny, our company seems to be doing the exact opposite - corporate is less and less involved over time! Hang in there!