Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Took the Plunge - Literally!

On Saturday John and I set out to Utica Square to pick up lunch and take to a friends house. I insisted in stopping by Starbucks because I was yawning incessantly and thought a little pick me up would do the trick – I love triple grande caramel macchiatos! John, not so much a fan of coffee dropped me off in front of the store and parked. When I came out I had to walk across the lot and over a curb to get to the car – well, folks… I had decided to wear my glasses instead of contacts that day and my peripheral vision was non-existent. I seemingly missed the curb fell knees, elbow (had to try and save the coffee) and hand first into the concrete… I know what you’re thinking, “Did the coffee survive?!” Why, yes, the Starbucks lids are rather sturdy and the coffee, although landing sideways, was not sacrificed. My knees, however, were!

Naturally John felt bad – so after cleaning up and heading off to lunch with friends I managed to get some major couch time! I worked all of Saturday evening and most of Sunday evening on Ingenue. I am using Cashmerino Aran – this poor yarn was originally purchased when I first started to knit for the Tree Jacket (never happened), has been tried on Snezi – never matriculated past the first 7 inches of stockinette, then on Amused – we have now settled on Ingenue. This one I will finish… And finally put this poor yarn to rest. I have made it through the waist decrease section and am moving onto the increases. With any luck I’ll be onto the sleeves by the weekend.

I also examined my current stash and have mapped out the following projects for the year…

28Thirty / PeaceFleece / Need to finish
Double Breasted Cardigan by Stephanie Japel / Jaeger Roma - Cinnamon
Baby Cables & Big Ones Too / Jaeger Roma – White
Favorite Cardi by Wendy Bernard / DIC – Wisterious
Flair by Wendy Bernard / Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton in Green

I also have some RYC cashsoft that is in need of a project… And whatever else I manage to buy  But this is at least a good start and very aggressive list for 2009 – by my own standards 



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  2. mmm....triple grande caramel macchiato AND peace fleece in one blog post ~ you may just be another one of my long lost sisters!
    ~ twoknitwit ;)