Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let it Rip!

So in my last blog I was able to happily report all of the progress that I had made on Ingenue. Today there’s good news and bad news… I’ll give you the bad news first as I always like to end on a high note!

Bad News: Way too big for me, not enough shaping… Here I was knitting happily along thinking, “Finally, I’m going to make something that will adequately cover my oversized boobage and will be completely appropriate for work!” Well, it seems as though my waist isn’t quite the size of the uppers and there’s definitely not enough shaping. Truth is, I spend most of my days wishing I was about a 34" and let's face it, I'm not.

I had two ideas… Initially I thought that I cannot bear to rip out all of this handy work – I will gift this to someone – my aunt! Then I spoke with a few friends and my hubby – and I’m ripping baby! I’m going to try to rip up to the decreases and decrease a bit more… Extend the waist a bit – then increase and go… I’m also going to put the sweater on a large enough cable so that I can try on as I go – instead of having to remove from cable, etc…

So, the good news in all of this is that I’ve learned a lesson. Pay attention to ALL of my measurements no matter how much I may not like them. Take the time to try on as I go – and don’t be afraid to make modifications. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll either rip it and try to fix it or end up with something that you won’t wear. I definitely think the latter is worse!


  1. I'm glad you're going to be able to salvage it - I always try on as I go to confirm that everything is fitting the way I want it to. And I usually don't do very well putting the stitches on a long cable - I just slip them onto scrap yarn to get a better idea of the fit - the cable method seems to be a little less accurate.

    So it's too big in the chest, not large enough in the waist/hips? Let me know more about the specific issue and I can help you. If it's too big in the chest, you should cast on a smaller size. If you cast a size on with positive ease, that's the first problem. You need a couple of inches of negative ease (I think everyone benefits from that.) So if someone had a 36" bust, I would make the 34" size and then add more hip increases where necessary. Email me if you want to talk specifics.

  2. I wish I could rip the stuff I don't like. I just hang it in my closet and glare at it...