Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Update

This past weekend was our second official weekend in the house --- I had dreams of sewing all day on Saturday and Sunday and said dreams were quickly crushed Saturday morning. John was on his way to Lowe's (men LOVE Lowe's - and I think every time John walks in there we lose another $100), I was sipping my first cup of coffee for the morning... John proceeds to take Chandler out to go potty and he was limping! He would not even put his front left foot on the ground... So - like any good parents, I quickly got dressed and we rushed him to the vet - and sat. For. Three. Hours. We finally were able to see the vet - no breaks. Prescribed anti-inflammatory meds. Soon after we arrived home John found a toe doggy toe nail by the trash can. Apparently in one of Chandler's digging fits into the carpet he sprung a nail down to the quick. He was running around within two hours of being home! I did get in about 2 hours of knitting though - thank goodness for portable projects!

Friday evening John and I watched toddler Ella for a few hours and had a yummy dinner with Sarah and Bill... Saturday evening Jessica, Daniel, and Louis joined us for a pot of stew and lots of trick-o-treaters! Our neighborhood is filled with little ones! And Sunday - I did do some sewing, John did some straightening of the garage, and my mom came over for dinner!

This weekend we are headed to New Jersey for my sweet little sis' first meeting and her baptism! No rest at the Saltsman home... We are busy, busy, busy! Now, to find a portable project for the plane...

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