Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ravelry and our Hand Knit Princess

Princess, you say? Well, Elaine is certainly our little princess :-)

A few things that I love about Ravelry... I have met some really awesome people around the world whom I keep in contact with on a regular basis! And you can pretty much always find really great deals on yarn... So, as I found a great deal on some yarn the other day - my friend from afar also enclosed this darling little dress in the package for Miss Elaine! As soon as it arrived I gave Miss Elaine a bath and dressed her in the hand knit garment. Fitting because we are supposed to have company tonight and I thought she should dress up a bit!

Elaine has been babbling ever since I put the dress on her - I am pretty sure she is telling me how much she loves it - and that she would like for me to make her a few more :-)

Thank you, Janet, we LOVE the dress!!! So special that you would send that for Miss Elaine!



  1. Oh that is so adorable! The dress is 100 times cuter with Elaine in it! So glad you both like it too :-)

    This totally makes me want to knit another one. I actually have a variation of this as a top (peek at Ravelry if you wanna) and will send that along too.

    Have a great weekend you guys!

  2. Annie, she is so stinkin' cute! And the dress looks lovely on her!