Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Less Thinking and A Little More Knitting...

This week has been met with its own challenges. But, what's new, everyday presents a new set of challenges. I have been a bit distracted this week so my normal topic will not be addressed at this time. You understand.

I have been doing some knitting for the babe. Good. Mindless. Knitting. I have completed the Kanoko Pants - I love these wee, little pants and hope to make a few more! They're a pretty quick knit taking only a little over 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. I think next time I will use 100% wool so the pants can double as soakers. I am still on a mission to use cloth diapers - and people still laugh at me when I mention doing so!

I am onto the hood of this cutie, cutie Debbie Bliss baby jacket! I hope to finish the hood tonight and maybe the sleeves this weekend! At first I thought I would wait to add buttons until the gender of the baby is revealed, but I've since changed my mind and think I will go with some nice gender neutral buttons.

Today we have a doctor's appointment and a mid-cycle ultrasound! Yes, folks, we have officially passed the 20-week mark and I will now begin counting backwards to baby Saltsman's arrival! So much to do and so little time!

Have a great weekend!

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